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How can we play Satta King?

If you want to play Satta King online, you can write directly to Google that Satta King online, and all the results you will get from Satta King's website can all help you play Satta King online. is

सबके लिए फ्री सट्टा किंग गेम

गली देसावर फरीदाबाद ग़ज़िआबाद का गेम हमारी साइट पर हर दिन दिया जाता है वो भी बिलकुल फ्री लेने के लिए साइट में सबसे निचे जाकर देखें


( 10:45 PM )
{ } Satta king [ ]
( 05:00 AM )
{ } Satta king [ ]
( 06:15 PM )
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( 08:00 PM )
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जो भी खुद का सट्टा किंग गेम चलाते है वो अपनी गेम हमारी वेबसाइट पर डलवा सकते है जिसका हर महीने चार्ज देना होगा।



01-10 94 44 82
02-10 94 86 00 05
03-10 78 43 63 36
04-10 25 10 25 85
05-10 27 98 26 97
06-10 75 28 07 00
07-10 09 30 80 48
08-10 45 77 71 14
09-10 13 66 02 25
10-10 91 59 57 89
11-10 41 57 75 91
12-10 97 01 41 26
13-10 09 20 35 23
14-10 96 87 20 34
15-10 94 38 37 38
16-10 19 70 92 43
17-10 03 83 72 07
18-10 23 90 13 67
19-10 91 62 62 32
20-10 57 69 90 82
21-10 83 34 74 04
22-10 74 58 63 01
23-10 13 38 23 65
24-10 75 82 01 88
25-10 56 86 38 04
26-10 95 50 12 30
27-10 61 40 09 05
28-10 16 55

History of Satta King from the beginning to the year 2020,

Satta King The Satta King came to India in the 1950s, at that time the Satta King was played at the Mumbai Cotton Exchange in India at a daily rate,

But shortly after, it was discontinued by Indian government; then it was commissioned by Kalyanji Bhagat, this time it was named Matka (Satta King), at that time the game failed like fire in Mumbai because Players could also play this game for 1 rupee,

After that, in 1964, Ratan Khatri, called Satta King, also introduced his new Matka game in the market, this time the rules of this game were different,

Kalyanji Bhagat's Matka used to run for seven days, but Ratan Khatri's Satta King Matka was played only six days a week, At that time, the factory in Mumbai was at its peak, due to which all the employees working in the factories started playing Satta King, and Satta King Matka had reached its peak,

Mumbai had become the pit of the bookies, from the 1980s to the 1990s; the Satta King market had become a 500 crore market every month, After the decade of 1990, it was known to the Mumbai Police, did the police do its job and put all the big and small bookies in jail, it was a big shock to the satta satta King Market, by the police rate the bookies farewell to Mumbai Said and started establishing his Satta King's empire in other states of India, like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Vihar, etc.,

Kalyanji Bhagat, who was called Satta King, said goodbye to this world in 1994, Satta King's business gradually strengthened its roots in all the states of India. Around 2008, the bookies made many changes in the Satta King game, like now only Satta King Matka game of Kalyanji Bhagat and Ratan Khatri in Satta King market There are many more bookies who have opened their own Satta King Matka King game, now the bookies have also brought Satta King game online, there was only one website in Satta King market around 2012. But now in 2020, the Satta King website has increased a lot, and Satori associated with Satta King has started earning by putting Google promotions on his website,

In 2020, at the age of 88, Ratan Khatri Ji also departed from this world. Currently, the kingdom of Satta King is flourishing under the nose of Indian Government, and the bookies always used new ways to keep the Satta King game alive. Live,

How to see the result of Satta King Desawar?

Thank you for visiting our Satta King website, if you want to know what number is there in Desavar in Satta King, So you can easily write on Google, Satta King Desawar Result, or just Satta King, you can see the website by selecting the right option from all the results you see on Google,.

In it, you will get the result of Satta King Desawar, or you can go to the throne of your nearest Satta King to know the result of Desawar, this process is very common,

How to see the result of Satta King Gali?

I welcome you to this article; if you want to know about the result of Satta King gali and Satta King Gali, then this article is for you. Satta King Gali came in trend with Satta King Desawar that This was the only game to open in time, the result of the street comes at 11 p.m., the rules of the game are the same,

You can easily see the street results, just like Desawar, you only write the street results on Google; after that, you can select whatever result you see and know what has come in the street results. There is a standard procedure, but if you do not have a smartphone or mobile, you can quickly know by going to the throne of Satta King. Before the Internet, the players were able to understand the results of Satta King Street.

Why shouldn't you play Satta King?

It would be best if you did not play Satta King because playing Satta King can teach you to face a lot of problems, Satta King makes a profound impact on your life, playing Satta King can make you think big, playing Satta King Until the players get the result of the Satta King, only this remains in their mind,

preps that his number will come in the Satta King today, but it does not happen, only one person out of every 100 is aware of victory in the Satta King game, and it is impossible to guess what number will come in the Satta King game tomorrow,

Playing the Satta King can also make you stand behind bars, the police can take strict action against you because both playing and feeding the Satta King game by the Indian government comes under the guise of crime, so you should not play the Satta King. Should play

Satta King's 2020 New Rules

Hello, if you want to know, in Satta King, some rules have changed in 2020, or the same old rules are applicable in the Satta King game.So you remain on our sattakingz website, although there have been no significant changes in the game of Satta King, yes there are specific changes in the game of Satta King from time to time that those who play and bloom this game Strengthens relationships,

Because this game runs only on confidence, in the middle of 2000, the satta king was such that only players played from 10 rupees to 100 rupees because he was smaller and more rupees. Those who used to be cheated, even after satta on time, even if their number used to come in the satta king the next day, then they would have been chased away saying that what is the proof that you have betted me on the satta king, But now it is not so that the bookies who feed the online satta king,

But now it is not so that the bookies who feed the online satta king, they bet the money on the satta king game through WhatsApp so that there is no cheating in the play and feeder, and the bookies who feed the satta king game in the market That is, he writes the players on a slip that has their stamp, or signature, so that nobody is cheated with it, There have been some changes in the amount of Satta King,

around 2000, Satta King used to earn up to 95%, but now it is not so, today in the year 2020, you will see only 80 to 90 percent of the profits in Satta King. Will get,

Is it right to play Satta King online?

Of course, playing and feeding the Satta King is not right in any way, and mostly if you play the Satta King through the online Internet medium, it can be even more dangerous,

Online Satta King's website can cheat you, it can break contact with you after taking money from you, so if you think that online Satta King is better for you, then you are wrong,

It can be fatal for you to give your information on any website on the Internet, even if it is a satta king website, you may lose money in it, and the information provided by you such as name, phone number, email id, or documents Can be misused, so you should avoid playing Satta King online.

How to download Satta King application?

If you want to download the application of Satta King on your mobile, then it is an easy process, but it is difficult to say that which of the Satta King application are available on the Google Play Store, which of them is right, and right Gives information,

You can write on Google in easy language, Satta King application, There you will find some results, you can choose from them, but this process is complicated for you, so you can easily download the Satta King application by clicking on the link given below,

How to get 100% leaked satta king number today?

Hello, if you want to take today's Satta King leaked number, or want to know whether Satta King is revealed or not, then you can read this article, Satta King is a game that makes up to 95 per cent profit. Gives, and only one person out of 100 can win the betting king game, now you tell me whether the satta king can be leaked,

As far as we know, the Satta King game is never leaked, nor do the people who open it tell about it, just know that there are 100 numbers in the Satta King game and the number that works best. Well, the same number is Opened

Can anyone become a millionaire from a satta king game?

No one has ever seen that someone playing a Satta King game has become a millionaire. Still, yes a person playing a Satta King can be a millionaire because a person playing in the Satta King is more profitable than the one who plays Satta King. A person who plays King can never be rich because he can get into any pit,

He will always be at a disadvantage, some people play the Satta King game differently, like say today, Ram has betted on the numbers from 1 to 50 with 10 rupees, Ram has a total of 10 * 50, i.e. 500. Played Satta King, but if Ram's number comes in Satta King game then Ram will be paid 900 rupees,

In which Ram got the benefit of 400 rupees, but if Ram's number does not come in Satta King, then Ram lost 500 rupees in Satta King, Now Ram's number is up to 50 per cent, meaning it won, 400 and lose 500 rupees, According to this, a person playing a satta king can never become a millionaire.

What effect does the Satta King game have on your life.

The Satta King game has a lot of harmful effect on your life, the person playing the Satta King can never be happy because the person playing the Satta King loses his wealth, which can cause him a lot of problems, which makes the Satta King The house of the person playing can be ruined because in today's world the solution to every problem is to some extent, the person playing the satta king may suffer a loss of money, which can harm his life,

Does all the satta king games have the same rule,

Yes, most of the Satta King's games have the same rules, but the amount won may be different, the name or opening time may be different, but there has been some time in the world of satta king to create a new way of playing. The rule of the game is different from all satta king rules, which is called Haruf, this satta king game is played at 10 out of 100 numbers, and the amount won also gives only 10 per cent profit, The rules of all games are the same except this satta king game,

How to get rid of Satta King's addiction

Hello and welcome to this Satta King website, and we do not encourage anyone to play Satta King online or in the market, because we know, it is not easy to get rid of Satta King addiction, but if again Also you or any of your family members are addicted to the satta king, and you are upset with that, then we want to tell you a few things,

Which will help to relieve the addiction of Satta King, firstly if there is any debt on the person playing Satta King, then you ask him, because most of the people Play Satta King to pay the debt online.

Then keep an eye on that person, talk to him, talk about the problems of the house, make the person realize that his family is standing with him, by paying attention to all these things, that person can get rid of the addiction of Satta King,

Why Satta King is so famous in India,

The existence of Satta King is very old in India, Satta King has been in India since the 1950s, and it is the only game in India, which runs seven days of weeks and 30 days of the month, 85 to 95 in Satta King. There is a profit of up to a percentage, which can be more or less depending on the state or place, the person can play the Satta King for 1 rupee, due to which the Satta King is a very popular sport in the medium Berg, this is the reason, That Satta King is becoming more popular in India day by day,

How much more can there be in Satta King,

Whatever bet you play in Satta King, if you win, then you can get up to 90 per cent, like if you played a betting game for 10 rupees if you win then you will get a profit of Rs 900, now if you play Satta King for 900 rupees, then you will get a profit of 90000 rupees. If you play Satta King online from 9000 then you will get the benefit of 9000000, just understand that you play Satta King with all the rupees you have, you will get 90 of them. Per cent will benefit,

What kind of satta king is there,

In 2000, only Desavar Satta gali satta was in the same type of Satta King market, but since then a lot of bookies have opened up their own Satta King with different names, yet some Satta which are in the market around 2000 They came like Faridabad Satta King, Ghaziabad Satta King, and Peshawar Satta King, that too is well trained today, though there are more than 50 names of Satta King in the market, this is the one that players trust,

How to play Satta King in easy language in 2020,

In today's time it is elementary to play Satta King, and you can easily play Satta King, you can play Satta King online, or you can also play on the throne by going to the market, you only need one or one of 100 You have to choose more numbers, whatever you like, then you have to see how much money you want to play Satta King, then you have to write your game on Satta King online 2020, or on the throne, that's it,

How to see the old Satta King record chart

Yes, you can see the old Satta King records, it is an easy process, in today's time you only have to write on Google, Satta King record or the year of which you need the record, you can also note like Satta King Record Chart 2019, Satta King Record Chart 2018, or you can again enter the name of the game, like Desavar Record Chart 2019, Gully Record Chart 2018, and you can visit any website you see in the result,

Question related to Satta King

What is Satta calculation?

Only the satta you are playing, if you win the bet, then there will be a profit of 90%, Example. 10*90=900

How can I win satta matka king?

Satta Matka King This game is played by the players with their understanding; it is impossible to tell what will have to be done to win.

Who is best Satta Matka guesser?

The best satta king guesser in the year 2020 is Prince Yadav, who is heard from most of the players in 2020,

How can I use Satta online?

You can use whatever Satta King result came by writing Satta King on Google,

satta king online

satta king result

satta king


This website is being run only through the preaching of entertainment. The website owner and we have nothing to do with any satta company. Give money transactions on your responsibility. The website owner shall not be responsible for any fraud.

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